142.23 million people in India use social media for various purposes and with cheap data plans available for everyone. The consumption is incredibly high so here are 10 reasons to market your business on social media

1) Spreading brand awareness – Its easy to spread awareness to the consumers and show them what your products can do and how it will benefit them.

2) Building online reputation – As you all know we all check reviews before we make our online purchases and that’s the case with everyone so social media can assist you to build a strong reputation.

3) Use of data – We all know data has been the talk for a decade now due to extensive use of it a with social media you get to target the right consumer who would be interested in buying your product.

4) Build Customer loyalty – Customers love interacting with brands online and also they keep checking for exciting offers on your page and 53% of your customers who follow your business are likely to be loyal to your band.

5) Divert traffic – You can add links on your social media to divert traffic to your store and the best thing is you get to measure how much traffic is coming from your social media.

6) Contests – You can run a contest on social media which then leads to brand conversation and you can also do giveaways.

7) Run Ads – Remember television and radio ads they are the most expensive form of advertisement and small and medium-size businesses cannot afford to spend that much amount of money so running ads on Facebook can be very efficient as you can start from 100 rs.

8) Free – Opening an account on social media is free and that’s it!

9) Ab testing – You can post the image of the product on your social media and ask for feedback and that is the cheapest way to get feedback.

10) Built-in analytical tool – You don’t have to drop a huge amount of money to measure your business as all social media platforms have built-in analytical tools for a better understanding of your business.